This is what his full set of armour looks like.

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Admiral Luft is a professional killer, as all Prog are. But, he stands apart from the Progan army by the fact he commands the only noteable airforce in the Prog. His first officer was Carstein, who he appointed as his officer while in Kritana. Admiral Luft first captured the dragons very early on. After laying seige to a large city the Prog were having trouble with, he achieved the rank of Honor Guard. After this he flew many missions for the Prog Grand Council. [I'll add more as his timeline progresses.]

Personality and EquipmentEdit


This is a bit what Luft looks like.

He is a smart, calculating man that doesn't easily appoint officers. But if you do get appointed, you are like a friend to him. As a Prog Honor Guard, he also has a suit of mithril armor. But he doesn't wear the whole suit unless in a war. In smaller skrimishes and battles, he wears his greaves, gauntlets and bracers, plus a light breastplate. His full suit of armor is much larger and heavier.