Dante Hono



Hair and Eye color

Black Hair with red (Natural) High Lights and Red eyes.




Zeken,Sophie Hono,Zhalia Hono,Aero Hono, Zara Hono, Kaze Hono


Alive and Active

Dante Hono is npokemondude20's Character and Son of Earth Draconis Alma and Semi Fire Draconis Alma.


Dante is a boy with quite some muscle as he has trained with Aero and Dimitri he has a light tan and wears a black top with red outline that goes down to his knee's, under that baggy white trousers with light brown boots. He has red hair with natural red highlights of somewhat he also has red eyes that rarely turn like a dragons due to his Draconis Alma blood.

Personality Edit

Dante is very energetic and straight forward, He normally blocks out knowledge and has got Dimitri one of his tutors to kill his teachers, he says "if you can fight knowledge is stupid" compared to his twin sister who studies all the time. When Dante starts something he won't stop till ends it, Most of the time he is wrong and destroys. Dante is basically highly destructive.



Dante and Zeken bearly know each other as they only met recently but they seem to be similar.

Sophie Edit

Dante seems to be typical with his Mom his Mom tells him off and he is like "Yeah Yeah" Or "Meh"


Zhalia and Dante don't get along unless they are being naughty and meddling and being mischivious, Zhalia would be the brains and Dante would do the work.


Dimitri is Dante's tutor that Dante dislikes he can already do half the things he asks for.


Draconis Alma PyromancyEdit

As Aero is his uncle Dante posses Pyromancy of the Fire Draconis Alma and is quite skilled with it indeed however he still needs alot of training, When mixed with Geomancy he can use Magmamancy

Draconis Alma GeomancyEdit

He posses Geomancy of the Draconis Alma aswell He mixes it with fire to create Geomancy


He can basically manipulate it at the moment

Hono Family AbilitiesEdit

no infomation known Edit