About what Denton looks like.

Denton is one of the best bounty hunters on the island. You want someone dead, you go to him.

Personality and HistoryEdit

Denton is a man who does not feel, does not care, and does not ask questions. So long as he gets his money he'll kill however you want. Denton makes such a good bounty hunter because he lost the ability to feel for people 11 years ago. He was born and raised into a family of bandits. His father ran the gang and his three older brothers were chief officers. Denton learned at a young age how to kill. Being a bandit for so long he grew a love for money. When he was about 18 he found out that his father and brothers had a large bounty on their heads, and, never really caring for them, killed them. The gang found out about this and to get back at Denton they killed his mother, the only person close to him.

Depression and WealthEdit

Ever since then Denton has been in a deep depression which he hides inside of a cold shell. He became rich after a couple years and became one of the most respected killers in the city. Yet Denton does not like to spend money on anything that he does not see fit.


Apparently he sees clothes as fit because his average clothes (A silk and cotton shirt with a vest over it, bowler cap, fine boots and long black pants) are about 3,000 gold a set. It is all imported from around the world. Not to mention his weapons, which are a wide array of knives and two handcrossbows.

Relationship and Emotional StateEdit

As of recently however, Denton has fallen in love. The girl, Ella, has softened him quite a bit, so much that he has lost respect with his crew. Denton does not work as much as he used to, but that doesn't mean that he is any worse of a fighter. His problem is that he has become more caring. So now he cannot kill with the stone cold effectiveness that he once could.

End Edit

After marrying Ella, Denton moved away to Sectum with her, where they happily lived out their days.