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Draconis alma sign its seen in the temple

Draconis Alma were a group of people raised by dragon gods (Or Highrank/Normal dragons depending on server agreement) and given blood to there hearts giving them the blood and the power of a dragon, however the dragon left ten years ago.The humans were left...Alone. Some believed the dragons had left and abandond them...Some think they were chased away or just vanished.Some of them didnt search for they dragons thinking they just abandond them. Others such as Aero and L are searching for them. Sparks claims to have seen a dragon god. However its unlikely.


A Draconis Alma's blood is poisonous and also cancels out poisons acting like a cure. However some poisons like Sleeping and Numbing counts. There blood can also be used as great medicine and be used to enchant things as well as make objects of their element become more powerful.

Elemental AbilitiesEdit

All of the Draconis Alma have different elements (same as their dragons element) and this allows them to manipulate, absorb, create and become that element. The way they use their element is different as the dragons taught them different such as Aero (npokemondude20) is more likely to use fire to enhance his physical attacks but can use it differently aswell. Some of them prefer to be in places that primarily involves their element. Such as Aero likes being in a volcano. They also cannot be hurt by their element unless it has special properties.

Secret Dragon ArtsEdit

Most of the Draconis Alma have these they are basically attacks that are made by the user or forbidden they have never been used before and are extremely powerful, however most of these effect the user in someway. They dont have to be attacking spells they could make minions from other elements or give you enchantments or etc.

Draco FormEdit

When needed they can make themselves extremely powerful giving them scales, dragon eyes, claws, wings etc. this makes everything sharper making them EXTREMELY fast and INSANELY strong. It also makes the 5 senses more reliable you'd be able to see much further, hear the smallest of whimpers from far distance and sense your surroundings, track someone down using only your nose, feel everything even when barely touching it or not in contact with it at all, and taste everything in depth. They also gain a sixth sense and it's different for every Draconis Alma.


Dragons Draconis alma Status Elements
Funka Aero(Npokemondude20) Alive and hungry Fire
Glaciem ??? ??? Ice
Eoduun L (JetThehawk4260) gone but not forgotten Shadow



Alive and looking for the dank stuff


Gravio Zen (Npokemondude20) Alive Gravity
Arimius Aaron (assasintrooper) Alive Air
Mr. Popo



Alive   Light&Dark
Thunder dragon ??? ??? Thunder
Smoke dragon ??? ??? Smoke


??? Chaos
??? Fawn Alive and caring for Aero


Xastur ??? ??? Spirit
Nero Ichos Alive Sound
Imparz Xaesa (ShadedPhantom99) Unknown Impero (Imperomancy)


Zeken (Dalekleader) Alive and Active


Morphal ??? ??? Illusion, Alteration/Insanity
??? Physis ??? Nature
Squamula ??? ??? Venom
Water dragon ??? ??? Water
Lunar dragon ??? ??? Moon
??? ??? ???


Becoming a Draconis AlmaEdit

To become a member of the Draconis Alma, you must first consult Npokemondude20 about which element you want to pick. One does not simply become a Draconis Alma without Npoke's permission. (Or you can ask Dylan(least helpfull :3) Or Jet (Most helpfull :P ))