Pretty much Grimme.


Grimme (Pronounced Grim) is not your average day human mercenary. He is actually an 9 feet tall hulking mass of muscle. Weighing in at four hundred pounds, Grimme has bisceps the size of a man's head and can pretty much snap a tree if he tried hard enough. He has silver hair and his eyes appear to be laughing all the time. Grimme could be classified as a gentle giant...until you make him angry.


Once he's angry he is usually engulfed into a terrible blood rage where his sword, the Grim Reaper, gets its power. Grimme is also usually decked out in rune encrusted steel plate mail that can take more then a few hits.


As a job he fights in the arena and has been chosen on occasion to be part of more then a few military compaigns as a mercenary. Grimme was not always this happy and successful, however.


He once had a brother, sister, father and mother, but they have all died. His sister was killed by a group of bandits and his father died on a mercenary job. His brother killed his mother so he killed his brother as vengence.


Finally he was accepted into the group called the Mirai, where he was their muscle. This group wanted to basically create world peace by smiting every country that would cause war. After the group disbanded Grimme realised he had become what he had never wanted to become. So he did his best to put the Mirai behind him. Yet his past has continued to return and haunt him.

Right now Grimme is happy living in a tavern, drinking all night and fighting all day. He is getting more jobs and is on his way to becoming one of the best known mercenaries on the island.

End Edit

Grimme, at the age of fifty five, was slain in combat at the arena. He was one of the greatest gladiators known to the area, and his title shall live on for decades to come.