Kage-Tsuki no

Kage-Tsuki no, kinda

Kage-Tsuki no== Kage-Tsuki no is a shard of Artemis ' soul, he is the small boyish attitude that lie within her. He's 11 years of age.


Kage is about 5 foot 5. He has long white hair and green eyes. One black feathered wing sprouts from his back to his right. He wears a long black trench coat which is enchanted to protect him from projectiles such as arrows.


Usually Kage is just silly, he definitely doesn't act is age. But if he needs to be serious, he always is. He doesn't have a family, being a soul fragment. He just wanders the land, seeking out what he can do when he wants. Usually he just spoils things, disrupts matters that don't concern him.

For his age, Kage is strong hearted, he was the kind of 'class clown' he didn't have a history, so nature created one for him.


Kage was born from the soul of Artemis. He didn't have a history until he was created, when nature provided him with one. He studied at Dramanoyr but got kicked out in his first year, he was a good student, it was just the foolish ways he used his magic that got him kicked out. He always used to prank Gemini, the big student at Dramanoyr. Thats why he got kicked out. His life has brought him through the months upon a girl, named Zhalia Hono, a girl his age. She was out at the arena, where she shouldn't have been, when Kage found her. He started talking to her, when her mother came by. Zhalia was getting told off, when Kage tried to be helpful and had told her mother it was his fault she was out, that he had kept her out from school and forced her to go to the arena. Kage has been staying at Aero Hono's house, Zhalia's uncle. Getting to know them all better, he's happy where he is.