The Krathiens, to put them bluntly, are the Dark Brotherhood of Kritana.


The Krathiens are a racial order of assassins set to protect the other races of Kritana, all but the Humans. You want someone human gone? Give the Krathiens a call. They have 2 bases, one in the cave near the snow biom the other being the peasent town (Who would suspect it?) which in health terms, has gotten better.


The krathiens where founded by 3 men, Rork (Salrianian) , Mordmos (Talarian) and Jasper (Kragnarian, DECEASED). The three men where discriminated by humans, and came to hate them. They vowed vengeance and help the other races who where discriminated by the humans. The men took over the cave, and utilized it as there hide-out.


The 5 races of the Krathien Order are; Salrians, Talarians, Kragnars, Forllors and Graths. These are the only races that are allowed to join the order, though exeptions may be made.


Now, the krathiens are pretty powerful, they may be getting an alliance with The Guild. Mordmos has already made freinds with Dreadnaught.