Kritana for now

A less-than-worthy map of Kritana and her surrounding areas.

Kritana is an island in the middle of the Maurin Sea. Its geography (trollolol) constantly changes, so an accurate map of the island usually doesn't work out. However, the wide expansive plains, the fertile farmland, the arid desert and the thick forest have a place on this large island.


Kritana is disputed over many countries bordering the Maurin Sea, and is a wealthy colony of Sercum-an eastern country. Kritana switches rulers nearly on a daily basis, and is widely viewed as a place for merchants to visit. Legends seem to abound around the area and disturb the entire political climate of the island, but at the current point in time it is ruled by a viceroy out of touch with the people of Kritana.


Kritanians no longer exist, as they were wiped out as soon as men and women began to land on Kritana's shores. The culture has died along with them, making Kritana a melting pot of other cultures. Orcs, Elves, Cheru, Dema, Humans, and even Beastly Races have made their mark upon this island.


Kritana has no official race (as they were wiped out as previously mentioned); however Cheru and Dema seem to be occurant in this area and haven't been seen often in other lands.


Kritana gets a little bit of everything. It has a temperate climate and a snowy climate and even a desert climate. To name Kritana as one climate in general would be folly.


Kritana has no connections to the real world in any way shape or form.