What Lyra would look like as a panther

Lyra, a half-human half-panther girl, has been alone most of her life. She has the ability to change into a panther, but the change isn't as easy as one might think. All of the bones in her body break and form into panthers skeletal structure and vice versa which is incredibly painful. In her human form, she takes up many panther qualities such as the eyes, sharp canine teeth, and the ears. There are many hunters who are after her pelt since it is of a much higher quality than normal panthers. If she stays in either form too long, she is forced to change which is more painful than when it is done by her own will.


When she was young, her mother and father were hunted down and killed for their pelts. Therefore, she has been alone for a long time and didn't really turst many people. She has learned to trust Beret, Denton, and Ella. Beret is mute but he has gained her trust. Lyra had once hired Denton to help her break Deamon out of jail for something that she did and they have been friends ever since. Ella has become her best friend, she has made Lyra more open to love and friendship.


Because she has been alone for so long, she hadn't really understood what love was. Recently, a man named Nzhgvi changed that. He had proposed to her and they are now getting married. Unfortunately, Nzhgvi has a lot of enemies so he is worried someone will come after Lyra, but she is more than capable of protecting herself. His job often brings him out of town.

Hoping to help make some money for the wedding, Lyra got a job as grave digger. But, she figured out that this job is way too easy because it only takes her 10 minutes to dig one grave.