A character created by Jessica5991. Based on Rima Toya from Vampire Knights.


She is a vampire Aristocrat. Also called nobles, it is the name given to vampires that aren't typical human formed vampires. They have little human blood in their veins, as their ancestors haven't mingled much with humans. Rima has spent the last few years acting as a normal student in University of Arcane Studies then transferring to Archipalego's College for the Talented, relying on blood tablets to quench her blood lust.


Her skin is a natural pale, spending most of the time out of the sun. She normally ties her hair into high
Rima Toya

Original from Vampire Knights, Rima Toya.

pigtails on each side of her head with black ribbons. When untied her hair falls neatly below her shoulders in layered gold locks. When walking in the day, she is often seen carrying a parasol as she burns easily. She has cerulean blue eyes.


Rima is a strong and self-assured character. She chooses only to expend energy when necessary, and a lady of few words. To others she seems to be indifferent and aloof, despite this she has a unexpectedly short temper and has no qualms speaking her mind. She usually has a disinterested expression on her face. She is professional and occasionally cynical though very loyal and highly protective of her friends, especially Shiki Kuran whom she is occasionally overprotective of, similar to that of an older sister to a brother.. Her personality is very similar to Shiki.


She seems to be capable of powerful fulgurmancy. Using electricity to paralyse, injured or kill enemies. Though she has trained herself to use her body to its fullest effects also, also specialising in unarmed combat, she tends to move quickly and use quick blows to vital areas of the body, sometimes accompanied by electricity to incapacitate them.