Rose Lalonde is a friend of Aquamarine/Kelli's in Kritana.

Rose's associated element is water, as evidenced by the water running through her house, and Rose's associated item is a thorn. Rose's role in the old Resistance Title System (RTS) is the "Seer of Light", as shown by her presence in the Land of Light, and also her Exile friend, the Windswept Questant, calling her 'Seer'.


Rose has black; long, spiky hair and red eyes. Her skin is dry and pale; and she is often depicted to wear a white corset, tied up with chains, ribbons and strips of cloth, and her black shorts. She also wears a black rose, which could be recognized as a charm.


  • Kelli - Aquaintance/Friend
  • Aquamarine - Friend
  • Rage - Crush
  • Mother - Rose believes her mom is not supportive of her, mocking her through common cruel irony; however, it seems that Rose is annoyed by her mother's genuine interests and attempts at empathy. She often expresses frustration upon encountering a wizard statue, but not the small wizard toys in her mother's childhood bedroom. It is unknown if this was enough to clue her in on Mom's genuine wizard interest. She was visibly shaken when her mother died at the hands of Jacquelin(e?) Roux (red), stating that she had seen her as more of a sister and that she believed she was meant to achieve greater things.


Rose's interests include a passion for obscure literature and creative writing (about which she is very secretive). She is interested in the bestially strange and ficticious, and dabbles in psychoanalysis. She also plays the violin.


Nothing here!

(Mother 3 ftw.)