A Non-Playable Character created by Chaosjack for the purposes of lore, background history of existing characters or plot. Also known as the Data Broker. No roleplayer can be the Broker, as it can be manipulated to become over-powered, players can be agents though. A blatant rip-off of Shadow Broker from the Mass Effect series, which I might add is one of the best series...In the world. (Please don't sue me.)


The trading of information is a dangerous game, selling to the highest bidder, the Broker may sometimes give out "false" information if bribed by a even higher bidder who wants the information protected. The trading of information is done in such a way, that no one is advantaged except the Broker. Therefore everyone buying information has to constantly do so, as not to become too disadvantaged against other buyers, keeping the Broker in business. If a bidder wants information on an organisation or person, the harder the information is to obtain, the higher the price for the information. The Broker has information on everyone of notice, from the most powerful archmage, to the members of every political member in the world. Obviously these information are extremely hard to obtain, so only countries are capable of buying these information (which they never do) driving their economy into turmoil and chaos. Even Sectum, one of the richest nations, cannot afford information on guilds such as Vitae or Akataiyo without plunging their economy into a deep recession they cannot recover from. This means most characters or guilds worthy of notice are safe from other bidders. Though if information is wanted on a character of little worth, the Broker would send agents to obtain that information, selling it cheaply.


Obviously, being the master of information, he or she has managed to kept their identity unknown for some time. Only governments, guilds, or other noteworthy people are aware of the information trade. Even the agents of the Data Broker are uncertain who they are working for, keeping everyone oblivious is how the Broker opperates. Since the Broker has utmost power almost everyone in the world, he or she can easily start a world war within 10 minutes. There have been cases where politicians have claimed to know the name of the Broker, a majority of them have been assassinated. There has been speculations that the Data Broker's name is in fact "Tyra" hence the title Tyra Broker.


The Broker is the master of his trade, he or she has eliminated other information traders who proves a threat to the business. The Broker has an unspecified number of agents at his or her command located all around the world, relaying information back to the Data Broker. Only a few have ever been captured, tortured for the identity and location of the Broker. They knew nothing, proving that all agents are kept in the dark for the Brokers safety.

Report Conducted by: SK